Friday, January 1, 2010

What I Wore Today! (My Happy New Year's Post + Updates!!)

New Year, New Thoughts!

I thought to myself about what I could possibly contribute to you, the loyal followers of J.Crew clothing in 2010. I wanted to really create some really neat sets on a daily basis, but realize many of us do not have unlimited access to everything that jcrew makes, in every color, every style. That's OK!

In 2010, I'm going to start making sets with the same ideas, just maybe interchanging the shirt to be worn with, etc. I may consider bringing back some old sets, and mixing it with something new. I think this will work better for everyone, as I am clearly taking too much time deciding what to wear, then hearing others groan about how. they. missed. that. shirt. I know how you feel, believe me.

Since some of the items I polyvore, I also have for sale, if you see something you like, I will offer you, my loyal readers, free usps 2-3 day shipping if the transaction is paid for via paypal. It's very simple. I send a paypal email, a DETAILED (make sure your seller always does this) invoice with what you're getting, and you point, click and pay. Tracking # is always sent as a confirmation. I also discount for multiple items purchased. Happy buyers are happy repeat buyers, so I always strive to put my customers first with the best possible customer service.
Ok, enough New Year's babbling from this corner of the world, enjoy the set, featuring the Tivoli cardigan.

Happy New Year, may 2010 be a year of style and the year we all exercise the self control to spend less, save more, and become less of the shopping monsters we were in 2009!

PS- Do you like the new colors? I decided to the leave the blues/grays for 2009.


  1. OMG..I am a monster! :(
    Hoping to redeem myself in 2010! :)

  2. We are all monsters! After all, we are women. :)


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