Sunday, January 3, 2010

What I Wore Today!

Toying around with some potential outfits for the week. This is what happens during a 4 day weekend for me...I get restless and instead of organizing my closet with my new WunderHangers, I am here tooling around on polyvore. My bf even said, polyvore and blogging...again??? Yes, nerd, again.

I love this cardigan- it's pretty in so many ways. Because of the decorative jewels, you'll want to keep your costume/regular jewelry to a minimum.

One of my favorite pairings is with the J.Crew Hammered Silk Tank that came in the color FOG. There's nothing foggy about this! :) I think pairing it also with something brown or black will work. I love my J.Crew Metallic Uptown tote, because I feel like you can use it when you're wearing something cool and sparkly!

I have an XS, S, M and L left in this cardigan- readers price is $185 shipped via usps 2-3 day w/tracking #.

Own a piece of cool!


  1. are those juliets comfortable??? everyone who posts IRL pics of them it looks like their toes are all scrunched up. J. Crew has a History of sometimes making beautiful but uncomfortable shoes! Thanks for your help! Love the yellow cardi with the hammered metallic tank!

  2. They were comfortable until I decided I wasn't going to wear heels anymore! They didn't make my toes squish together at all, they're a bit rounded on the top. I don't know, but I have a new pair that I haven't even worn, b/c I've basically decided to dedicate myself to flats. My feet are much happier. Glad you like the outfits :)


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