Monday, August 31, 2009

What I Wore To Work Today!

This tee is every bit of wonderful. No false advertising here! It's softer than soft cotton and the rose looks oh so delicate in the white trim. It's a dry clean only. It became one of the first casualties to my bf throwing it into the machine. But when your laundry is done/folded each week for you, you tend to overlook the minor things like your favorite shirt being destroyed. Haha.

Paired with the J.Crew Pointelle Cardigan, J.Crew Spectator Peep Toe Pumps and the J.Crew Toothpick Jeans and J.Crew Uptown Tote in Dusty Rose...I was all rosey and ready to go to work today!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

What I wore to work today!

Every Fall, I wait and watch for the cool stuff to appear. Seeing that I have the Bella Herringbone in Charcoal, the Velvet Ecole in Tawny Olive (love), the J.Crew Lexington's in black and gray, and who knows how many canvas-esque jackets that were too cute to pass up...I did not fall in love with the Eden. Sorry, it was too bulky. Plus, my bf always tells me he doesn't love my Bella (what does he know, he's a boy), but when he saw the Schoolboy blazer, he was all over it like flies on poop. So, I kept it, even though it's now 90 degrees consistently in So Cal. I saw this in the navy (which was my first pick, but all the people in the store said get the charcoal one), and really liked it, but they were right- a little too much Thirsten Howell the Third. You could have thrown a captain's hat on me and given me a yacht to set sail for a 3 hour tour.

So, the charcoal won. Since it's the main piece, I think giving it some plain items to go with it would totally serve it some justice. It's definitely one of those pieces, like the Bella and the Ecole that I would keep for several years (or more).

Missed out on the Ecole? I have several more of these lovelies in the smaller sizes:

What I wore to work today!

Felt a bit overwhelmed today, so I decided to....SEIZE THE DAY. Yup, said to hell with the things I cannot change and worked with the things I had control over. Like my wardrobe...haha. Sometimes my wardrobe tackles me and it takes forever for me to get dressed. Sometimes life gets daunting. Here's my advice for the day: Big picture, and baby steps. I truly live by these words.

So, the J.Crew Jakarta Cardigan. Love this. It goes well with dark slate, honey glaze, golds, blue jeans...the print gets a double take, because the pattern is truly mesmerizing. I'm quite hypnotic like that! Haha. So, still have it in a few skirts, shorts, and cardi's- if you like prints (and this fall 2009 seems to be lacking in cool prints), this one's for you, kid...

Seize the tee shirt, and you'll be able to "seize the day"! The chiffon tape tee that everyone had to have, don't let it get away!

Want the happy yellow tote that is filled with sunshine and all bits of goodness?

What I wore to work today!

Feeling blah? Maybe you need some green and gold in your life! I love the pairing of rich colors, I guess it's because it makes you feel happy for what you do have in life. But really, we must remember to be thankful for what we do have!

Several times a year, our family does Thanksgiving. Sounds crazy, right? It started this year when we were done with the Birthday's, Anniversary's, etc, and we thought, why is this delicious meal only done in November? So...we divided the duties, and made Thanksgiving in March. It was wonderful and good. So good, we did it like 2 more times- I know, we are the envy of most people.:P

This is the J.Crew antiqued sequin gold tank, and is every bit as cool as it looks. I also have the dress version, which I don't know if I will ever get to go somewhere cool to wear it to...maybe to Vegas, we'll see. The J.Crew Cashmere Cardi is wonderfully colored, and of course, the Belle Satchel in Pebble. Got 1 left, and it truly is the polished bag of the season:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What I Wore Today....

I was a bit hesitant to get this cashmere croquet cardigan, but, what the hell. I did. I'm kind of glad I did. It's a Chanel-esque look without the weight of a jacket. It's thick, so you know it will keep you warm. Especially when it is 90 degrees in So Cal, but a breezy 70 in the office. I paired this with toothpick jeans in black resin rinse (OMG, LOVE these), and my normal accessories. I'm pretty much vibrant today, which is good because my allergies are making me feel pretty lousy (thus, the bright happy colors!).

If you get a chance, size up in this, and make it part of your collection.

Oh, speaking of which, this is a collection item, which makes me love it that much more!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

What I wore to work today!

I'm going to call this the "If I could..." post. If I could buy all the Frances cami's in my size, I would. In every color. :P This is how much I love this top. The deep rose is my newest addition (own the geo, thinking I need the yellow, and ivory one- as well as the herringbone print one). Crazy, yes I am....especially about the Frances cami!

I paired this with the Minnie pants. Now, if I decide to get two things this season, I'm going to say it's the Minnie pants. I'm a 0-2, although in the Cafe Capri's, I'm a Petite 4, so I got this in a 0. I haven't worked out in 2-3 weeks, but these pants will lie and tell you I'm on a strict workout routine, coupled with my celebrity chef that makes me low-cal, low-fat, low-carb meals. When I bought this top in the Deep Rose, I found myself thinking how perfect it would look with the Minnie's in the gray. Black or ivory cashmere cardi to pair it off.

I'm finding that j.crew sizing is running a bit differently. Whereas I normally wear a 2, I can squish myself comfortably into a 0. My mirror does tell me something different though!

What I wore to work today!

2 years ago, J.Crew rolled out a lot of fantastic items. It was more of a "royalty" theme, with crowns, and rich jeweled tones, deep purples, greens, grays, rich, rich colors. I loved every piece and I'm pretty sure my closet has the best of the best. To recreate the same look, I stuck to a lot of basics I already have. You will see a lot of reoccuring themed items that I continually use: J.Crew Uptown Tote in Light Pewter, J.Crew High Heel in patent black, Sunglasses, Raymond Weil watch, J.Crew Opera length pearl necklace, Patent Black Flats, but it's because I'm boring like that. I like to stick with what works and occassionally, I'll go out on a limb and buy things that I end up returning because I'm thinking, some colors/styles are not for me.

For one, I am an J.Crew Uptown Tote girl. It's roomy, it's stylish and it's not too frilly. I can't do frilly. Light Pewter is my Fall pick, but I also own the tote in navy, white, metallic crackle silver, and God knows what else is stuffed in my closet.

Secondly, shoes. Don't get me wrong. I have tons of shoes- just that I wear the same ones all the time. Black or brown always work for me, and I make sure they're comfortable. At 30, going on 31, I'm not really trying to score a trip to the podiatrist so that he can tell me I will need bunion surgery one day.

Thirdly, I am a scarf girl. Often times, the scarf will make the outfit because of the extra added colors. Sometimes I feel guilty for buying more, but that goes away really quickly when I see how awesome I look.

Ok- back to this outfit. The Imperial Tee is just royally cool. Toss the Ombre Scarf in Purple on, high heel denim jeans and you've got yourself one cool outfit!

What I wore to work today!

Sometimes I start polyvoring, and I find that it actually encourages me to go back to the store to look for something I'm lacking. This time, I found it in the Men's Section. This boiled wool scarf is cool. How cool? Well, I'm not much of a "men's wear" type of girl. So you won't find me with a lumber shirt, half tucked, posing with one leg on a wooden crate at any j.crew. Sometimes I think the look looks good in the catalog, but really, how many of us are 6 feet tall and rail thin, with perfect hair and make up? Not in my life. But that's ok. I will make due with what I have. So. The scarf. Really a nice piece that looks really cool with the J.Crew Tissue Beaded Medallion Tee in Dark Slate and Cafe Capri's in Golden Hickory. It's still August, so there will be many more warm months in So Cali. At $20/pair, these capri's are a steal.

The black high heels give it a polished look, and I'm thinking I may even get a Timex for fun. It's a bit boyish, but the heels and jeweled tee certainly give it the perfect girlish balance!

What I wore to work today!

I'm baaaaaack! Thank you for your kind messages while I was away. Busy, busy, but found a warm Saturday afternoon to post a blog. So, Fall 2009 rollout #2 has just occurred. Once my excitement died down, I went into my closet to see what I didn't have already. Warm Maize heels? Nope. Anton in black? Nope. Really trying hard not to overdo it this season, although I can just envision my bf rolling his eyes.

What I love about this outfit. Yellow's (Citron, ambers, etc) ALWAYS go well with gray. What I'm not finding this season is too many novelty tee's, like the trusty zebra. I'm kind of a novelty person- I have enough blank boring tees that never need to be replaced because they only get so much wear (i,e, under sweaters, under hoodies, undershirts) The sequin work on this is really special. I have XS, M and Large left, so let me know. And everyone has white jeans. The Anton fits really, really, snug. Size up. Also, size up on the Zebra tee, as this is a thicker cotton and tends to run smaller.