Thursday, October 29, 2009

What I Wore Today....

Sometimes, it's all about taking what's comfortable inside your closet and wearing it. Today, I dug and found my J.Crew Femme Cashmere Sweater in navy that is from the Fall 2008 line. It's ladylike, and looks more like a tunic, more than just a throwover sweater. I paired it with my blue jeans (Banana Republic jeans won me over today), and decked it out with my new J.Crew jersey stripe scarf in brown/tan that one of my good friends bought me for my birthday last month. She also got me the J.Crew Wool Herringbone Bucket hat in the butterscotch color, which I haven't worn yet because it hasn't been rainy or THAT cold yet. But I love it, nonetheless, even if it's sitting brand new in the packaging still! :)

Tossed my pearls on, my ballet patent flats (Cole Hahn, Nike Air, Ballet Patent Flats in Chocolate Brown- shhhh, no one knows they are that comfortable!), my J.Crew Belle Satchel in Pebble, and I am comfortable and cozy on my way to work!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What I Wore Today!

This was Friday's outfit- which was tossed together in a hurry. When I was getting ready, I made it easy on myself and thought, what color would I like to wear? Putty Friday came to mind, so it stuck, like putty. Haha.

I decided to pull 3 things from my closet that were close in color, yet distant in texture. I came up with the J.Crew Cable Cardigan in Putty (cashmere, yum), and then the Quinn Cami in pale almond (has some gold in it, very subtle rich sheen to it), and my cords, which I think were a warn sandlewood, if not a light acorn brown color).

It's fun wearing monochromatic colors. I think sometimes it throws people off, because it's normal to offset what you're wearing with contrasting colors (if you're brave and don't care like me. I'm in a 2 person office, and the other person better know what's best for him and not make a peep about what I decided to march in with this morning), or something plain that goes unnoticed (boring), but it does take some guts to pair up some colors that are close enough, to look stylish, yet daring!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What I Wore Today....

Just when I thought I was done with frilly tops...Evie shows up. I had also wanted to try the streamers cami, but they really weren't for me. The streamers cami seemed to run a bit longer, and I wasn't really interested in sizing down to a 0 to try to get it to fit. So I kept the simple Evie, which is in the violet stone color. It's pretty, rich in color and I thought, wouldn't that look terrific with my honey glaze schoolgirl cardigan (cashmere) from last year? Some items are perfect when they go on final sale- the cardi was one of them!

Paired with my Ecru colored cords from last year (cords or my staple when it gets colder, and I love that they're a different color, other than my blue and black jeans. I do have a lot of cords and my most recent color was picked up at the outlet- I think it's some heather cypress color.

Black patent ballet flats and my trusty J.Crew Belle Satchel, my j.crew opera pearls, and think I did pretty well for not planning my outfit in advance.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What I Wore Today....

Feeling pumpkin-y good today. Just when I think I'm over the ruffles, I reach for more. Like you can't just have one ruffle outfit each week. So this is a really pretty rust color, the J.Crew Ruffle Celosia Cardigan (bistro orange, I believe). I found my favorite tank in navy, my gray cords from last year and I was off to work on a rather cool day- 60's. The colors are nice together- very pleasant. Fall is definitely my favorite season of the year...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What I wore to work today!

I woke up this morning thinking that I missed the items from the past seasons...I miss the sparkles and the preppy nature of the old collection. Maybe because I like the stuffy and snooty look? I don't know. So, I dug (not too far), and found the J.Crew Silk Neck-tie Tank in Beige/Champagne (the pic shows a diff color, couldn't find the right stock photo), and my Dream Sparkle Argyle Cardigan from last Fall 2008. Maybe I'm spoiled with the best of the best, but I can't really see myself owning too many more forever-halfway-to-the-floor-thin cardigans, or buying more of the same colors when I don't even wear the ones I have. The cardi was $40 from last year's sale and the silk neck tie cami was $15. I feel like I just did a impromptu, Design on a Dime informercial. The beiges from the tank and the cardigan blend together almost perfectly.

Paired with my toothpick jeans in midnight wash, my standard black ballet patent flats, and my j.crew uptown tote in pewter, I was ready for work!

What I wore to work today!

I love the Marl Sweater Coat. I really do. It's what I call a California coat, because in Southern California, it rare that it gets so cold that you need a double serge, double thinsulate, double heating system in your jacket. Once in a full moon, I will grab a puffer, like when it hits 60 degrees...haha. We're spoiled out here.

I paired my Marl with the J.Crew Frances Ruffle Blouse in Shadow and my black Minnies and black patent ballet flats. Took my J.Crew Opera strand pearls and tripled them up so that they worked more like a choker.

If you get a chance to get the Marl, I'm sure you'll be happy. I could live in this sweater coat for days!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

What I wore to work today!

2 days ago...I actually got the store version of the Anton, same Anton, but the color was the Heather Cypress, which is more of a pea-green color. I do love it because I was looking for something other than a Jackie Cardigan, or a Cashmere Tee, etc.

I have an arm full (yes, arm full) of the tissue turtlenecks from last season's sale (at like $10 each), so I'm starting to bring them out again. Some things are just good to have on hand, because as one of my friend's with a baby says "tissue turtlenecks are exactly what eventually becomes of them...tissues" Oh kids, love them, but they do destroy most of the cool clothes. I heard they even destroy inexpensive ones. I may have to figure out a way to scotchguard myself when it's my turn. Or just move my closet to work so that they will be far, far away from my clothing.

I do love my toothpick jeans in the black resin rinse. LOVE. I have never been a fan of black jeans, but these are the blackest of the black jeans and as long as you have someone in your household that won't fade them (see, I don't touch laundry. It's an agreement I have w/the bf), you will love them for a long time.

Pulled out the mohair scarf from last season (managed to score these in every color too- I'm kind of a Rainbow Bright like that) it came in handy on a rather cool day.

What I wore to work today!

OK- this is yesterday's post. I threw this together in a jiffy because I was running a bit late- it's the J.Crew Silvie Dress from Fall 2008, mine is the store's version in Heather Charcoal (darker than the light gray seen in the pic). Paired with the J.Crew Victoria Cami in Navy, triple stranded Opera length Pearls and I was ready to run.

The collar of the Victoria looks great under sweater dresses. As it gets colder, I try to dress up the cashmere and wool dresses, etc, to give it some more life. I used to just wear the dresses plain, with a scarf and pearls, but I've found that the collars to some of the Victorias, Frances, and Elizabeth halter/camis are just too darling to pass up. Plus, get some more wear out of them! In warmer weather, I'll just wear the camis under a cashmere/merino cardigan + pants/skirts.

What I wore to work today!

Sometimes, it just WORKS for me in the morning-(keep in mind, 75% of the time, it doesn't!)So, I'm feeling a little bit like a fatty this morning, so I decided the toothpick jeans weren't going to be friends with me, but my Minnies were calling my name. I love these- they're black, they're stretchy, they don't lose their shape, and they shamelessly look good on you 30 days out of the month. Really, they do. So grab a pair, I sized down because I think they run a bit bigger (Ok, J.Crew, if you say I'm a 0 on a fat day, I'll take it and run with it).

Another favorite is my Twisted Slub Cotton Henley- in gray. It's made from this really cool Japanese cotton, stretchy, sheer and very 9-5 pm cool. In fact, I threw on my opera length pearls (which I think every girl out there should own- unless I'm wearing something with a decorated collar, I will sport these every day!), double stranded them, and tossed on my Dream Shawl Cardigan to go with it.

I'm going to say I am warm, comfortable and don't look like I just got out of a log cabin. Give it a try!

Monday, October 5, 2009

What I Wore Today....

So I ordered this J.Crew Grand Corsage Top in a offwhite color in size 2, and guess what, J.Crew sent me a 4. So what did I do? I ripped off the tags in a rush, and threw it on. Good thing it fit..a little billowy, but whatever, I will always wear a cardigan with it since it's so darn sheer. (Hey world, I'm wearing a white bra today...but you knew that already!)

I wore this w/the J.Crew V-neck Merino Microstripe Cardigan from Fall 2009, which I love because this grand corsage needs a v-neck in order to show off this loveliness. Makes me feel like I'm at a party on a Monday morning.

Paired with J.Crew Cafe Capri's in British Khaki (with a skinny chalk colored belt) and the most incredibly comfortable brown patent ballet flats from Cole Haan (w/Nike Air technology, yo). They're brown shiny patent, and they're absolutely gorgeous!