Monday, October 5, 2009

What I Wore Today....

So I ordered this J.Crew Grand Corsage Top in a offwhite color in size 2, and guess what, J.Crew sent me a 4. So what did I do? I ripped off the tags in a rush, and threw it on. Good thing it fit..a little billowy, but whatever, I will always wear a cardigan with it since it's so darn sheer. (Hey world, I'm wearing a white bra today...but you knew that already!)

I wore this w/the J.Crew V-neck Merino Microstripe Cardigan from Fall 2009, which I love because this grand corsage needs a v-neck in order to show off this loveliness. Makes me feel like I'm at a party on a Monday morning.

Paired with J.Crew Cafe Capri's in British Khaki (with a skinny chalk colored belt) and the most incredibly comfortable brown patent ballet flats from Cole Haan (w/Nike Air technology, yo). They're brown shiny patent, and they're absolutely gorgeous!

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