Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What I wore to work today!

I love the Marl Sweater Coat. I really do. It's what I call a California coat, because in Southern California, it rare that it gets so cold that you need a double serge, double thinsulate, double heating system in your jacket. Once in a full moon, I will grab a puffer, like when it hits 60 degrees...haha. We're spoiled out here.

I paired my Marl with the J.Crew Frances Ruffle Blouse in Shadow and my black Minnies and black patent ballet flats. Took my J.Crew Opera strand pearls and tripled them up so that they worked more like a choker.

If you get a chance to get the Marl, I'm sure you'll be happy. I could live in this sweater coat for days!

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