Thursday, October 29, 2009

What I Wore Today....

Sometimes, it's all about taking what's comfortable inside your closet and wearing it. Today, I dug and found my J.Crew Femme Cashmere Sweater in navy that is from the Fall 2008 line. It's ladylike, and looks more like a tunic, more than just a throwover sweater. I paired it with my blue jeans (Banana Republic jeans won me over today), and decked it out with my new J.Crew jersey stripe scarf in brown/tan that one of my good friends bought me for my birthday last month. She also got me the J.Crew Wool Herringbone Bucket hat in the butterscotch color, which I haven't worn yet because it hasn't been rainy or THAT cold yet. But I love it, nonetheless, even if it's sitting brand new in the packaging still! :)

Tossed my pearls on, my ballet patent flats (Cole Hahn, Nike Air, Ballet Patent Flats in Chocolate Brown- shhhh, no one knows they are that comfortable!), my J.Crew Belle Satchel in Pebble, and I am comfortable and cozy on my way to work!


  1. Hurrah! I thought you'd been out in your birthday suit all week.
    This my style class you know. What a birthday last month? HBA!

  2. Come on everybody! To the quad! We're going streaking!!!

  3. Yes, it's end of Dec and I still haven't worn my bucket hat yet! The scarf got plenty of attention though....


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