Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What I Wore Today....

I woke up feeling like it's getting a little close to New Years, so I better get my sparkle going, otherwise I won't be able to pull it off, when it's like, you know, March. Haha.

My store had one last Keaton Tux Cardigan, albeit in an XS, and it's fitted, I took it because I don't think I can find a small at this point. I really like it. I never went for the tux look because I never had anywhere to go. I also contemplated the tux blazer, which is on sale right now, but how many instances will I want to wear tux jacket? Really, only during the holidays, and even then, I don't need another dark blazer, unless it's something super cool, like the Bella Jacket.

I got my sparkle on, with one of my favorite collection pieces, the J.Crew Antiqued Sequin tank top, which runs a little big, even though it's a 0. It's from last year, I believe and I got it on sale. There are several variations of this tank, from the Bergen (which I have for sale, nwt) and the browner version, which is, yikes, $500. I think I got mine at the FS when deals were deals at

Vintage slim fit jeans, black patent ballet flats from Cole Hahn, and a black scarf...

It's lunch with clients days, so I have to dress sparkly to fit my equally sparkling personality!

Happy New Year!

PS- What I'm wearing for New Years Eve? Pajamas. Yup, I party hard like that!

Monday, December 28, 2009

What I Wore Today!

Once in a while, I get tired of J.Crew. Why, why, why, how, how, how, can anyone be sick of their favorite store? Well, for one, I get tired of justifying buying $50 tees that I don't LOVE, but I do anyway, because frankly, it's new, I don't have it, and yeah, it looks like everything else I own, but it's got a TAG I CAN SNAP OFF and make that ultra cool sound that says, yup, your day is going to be better if you wear something new.

Well, during one of my "not feeling so hot about jcrew and their bland color palette" moods, I explored. How far did I go? Well, I searched the Gap. I was in dire need of some holiday color. Or something cute. I don't care. Give me something I can wear, it doesn't even have to say jcrew! Gap had TONS of holiday plaid. I love holiday plaids, with bright yellows, bright blues, bright Christmas colors. Greens, and Purples. Skittles, taste the rainbow. But, Gap is Gap and they didn't have much that dazzled me. I went to BR, and same old, same old, stuff is a repeat of every other season, with some new stuff, but I don't really follow their lines, so I wasn't aching for anything they had.

Forever21. I have been laughing about this store for YEARS now. It's like they took over the Wet Seal (remember this store??), and the name cracks me up. I remember how I was at 21, and although I was a newbie in a very important field, I was unsure of myself, playing a grown up, in a child's body. I remember having to try to prove myself at every turn, wondering why no one would take me seriously. So, 21, although my skin was like a baby's ass, and I was 5 lbs thinner, and I could legally drink and gamble, I would never want to literally be Forever 21. Oh, and I didn't have any money, which is why this store is attractive to those looking to stay stylish and not go broke right? I've been in like once, for 10 seconds and would crack up at the quality of the clothing. This store carries what I like to term "disposable clothing". By the time you wear it once, it's usually out of style and you dispose of it.

Maybe it was the Parisian theme, or maybe it was because I was longing for something that was childish, cute, and respectable at the same time. I saw this online, and it struck me that for $14, I could own this, and buy 2 more as gifts and still feel good about myself. Pretty cool. So, I rocked a couple of Xmas parties with this outfit and everyone thought it looked so cute. Ohhhh, snap, that's because it was.

Paired with my chunky hunky marled cardigan, vintage slim jeans, and my red/black check man scarf, I was ready to hit the town....

What I Wore to Work Today!

I guess from seeing all the previews of Spring 2010 I need to get in gear from some military looks. But since I'm secretly a princess that doesn't like to get dirty, I'm going to have to mix lots of girl + cashmere + silks to pull it off. At the store, there are a lot of cargos, so I finally threw in the towel and got some cargo pants. I really dont like the camoflauge look, but I don't mind mixing in a few things I already have know, go with the fashion flow.

I got the keepsake cardigan online, and wore a lighter gray favorite fit tank, my striped brown scarf, which is a nice brown/cream color, pearls and black ballet patent flats. It's amazing how much a nice scarf keeps you warm and stylish.

Overall, I am proud of these pants. They've gotten a few wears, and nothing says, hey, I'm the right size for you, like j.crew rip stop CROP cargo pants. Crop = perfect length for the shorties!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

What I Wore on Christmas!

I love Christmas. Not so much because I like getting gifts, although this year was all about the cool gifts: Nespresso pods for my new Nespresso. Side note: my bf bought me a Nespresso machine. It was pricey at $350 at Williams Sonoma, I have to admit. I don't think I've ever wanted something so domestic and expensive at the same time- crazy because I don't think twice about that and clothing. Anyway, it turns out to be like 50 cents per pod, which is crazy cheap, because starbucks will charge you $4 for a cappuccino. So, 100 uses will just about break even. The best part is, every morning my bf will bring me my nonfat, double shot, extra dry with one sugar in the raw cappuccino, hot and pronto. He loves playing barista and I love playing customer. He got this for me in November when it started getting cooler and I was not in the mood to drink a cold Starbucks double shot in a can.

My sister got me 200 pods for Xmas, and I love her for it. I also got gift cards, cash, etc. It was awesome.

The BEST part was what I got everyone. That, to me, is the best best best part of Xmas. I got my sister some J.Crew, my 4 1/2 year old niece a crap load of Calico Critters (let's hope my almost 1 year old nephew doesn't swallow one of the 1000 pieces it came in and craps out a plastic plate), and some Disneyland tix for my brother and his gf. Not going to run off all the gifts I gave, but everyone seemed stoked. :)

My Xmas outfit was the reindeer tee. I decided I had to wear this sparkly number for the big day, along with my super warm J.Crew Dream Open Cardigan, Red/Black checked scarf and my ripped jeans, which my mom said, you need to throw those out, they're ripped...haha. Mom, they're specially ripped. I bought them that way.

What a great day, we all had a good time and there were laughs to be shared by all.

What I Wore Today!

Sometimes it gets cold in Southern California. Hate us, but it's like 50 degrees and the heater in my house is cranked up, and we're doing some serious bundling up! Because it hardly ever gets this cold, I am not used to dressing fashionably without looking like a bulky little snow-woman.

I fished out my J.Crew Chunky Star Cable Popover Sweater. This sweater fulfills its long long name. It's super warm and with a favorite fit tank top underneath it, it's perfect. The scarf is offwhite, and keeps the cold from really getting to me. The pants are the cropped rip stop cargo pants in the blanched almond (for $29.99 and 20% off, I got another pair as a back up, and the warm clove, too). Threw on my Uggs, which I used to think were short for Ugg-ly, but after running through a couple of airports, I realized these are a God send. I love them and I love my less fashionable sister (haha, I'm dead if she sees this) for buying them for me on my birthday.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and stayed warm and fashionable for the day!