Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What I Wore Today....

I woke up feeling like it's getting a little close to New Years, so I better get my sparkle going, otherwise I won't be able to pull it off, when it's like, you know, March. Haha.

My store had one last Keaton Tux Cardigan, albeit in an XS, and it's fitted, I took it because I don't think I can find a small at this point. I really like it. I never went for the tux look because I never had anywhere to go. I also contemplated the tux blazer, which is on sale right now, but how many instances will I want to wear tux jacket? Really, only during the holidays, and even then, I don't need another dark blazer, unless it's something super cool, like the Bella Jacket.

I got my sparkle on, with one of my favorite collection pieces, the J.Crew Antiqued Sequin tank top, which runs a little big, even though it's a 0. It's from last year, I believe and I got it on sale. There are several variations of this tank, from the Bergen (which I have for sale, nwt) and the browner version, which is, yikes, $500. I think I got mine at the FS when deals were deals at

Vintage slim fit jeans, black patent ballet flats from Cole Hahn, and a black scarf...

It's lunch with clients days, so I have to dress sparkly to fit my equally sparkling personality!

Happy New Year!

PS- What I'm wearing for New Years Eve? Pajamas. Yup, I party hard like that!

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