Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What I wore to work today! coolness! I always size down in v-necks (rarely wear them because I feel they're too low cut for conservative me...), but this is cool. Light pewter print with 3 rhinestones tacked onto the printed crown. I haven't even read the shirt, but did noticed that it said "Fresh Persimmons" upside down when I glanced down earlier. Not sure what persimmons have to do with royal looking crowns, but it's cute, nonetheless. I wore my golden cypress merino Portland cardigan, toothpick jeans, and was ready to roll out of the house, feeling and looking pretty spiffy.

A fun look for a serious Weds!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What I Wore Today!

Since I am a major slow poke at doing dry cleaning (I have no idea how long my champagne rose chiffon tee or black rose chiffon tee has been sitting in the bag, waiting to be professionally cleaned...), I felt the need to break out my new white rose chiffon tee. I got dressed in a major rush (a first), and went with the basic private school look again. Paired with my navy Jackie cardigan, I was ready to go!

I have a few more of these lovely tees (white, pewter, natural and pink)- so many compliments, one of my favorites being "wow, what a cool shirt!", from someone I know who is equally, if not more stylish than me. I hope you all have gotten one too- this is definitely the season's must have.

Wake up, smell the roses. Life's too short to be so serious. Seriously! :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Got A Sweet Tooth?

Sometimes, I'm just in the mood for something sweet. I love these tees- they have some simple embellishments that make it extra fancy and give it that special "umph" your outfit may be lacking. Perfect for the "I'm going into Fall fashions now" look.

It's hard to put my finger on which is my favorite one. Because they're two toned, I find it easy to dress it up/down, depending on where I'm going. I created 4 easy to wear outfits, because you never know when I'm in the mood for Mr. Smith's mints, Licorice Bits, or just some Rose Balm!

I have a few left in select sizes! Email me and we'll send one to you for $40 shipped. The only way to sweeten your mood without your teeth falling out. Dentist friendly. :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What I wore to work today!

Oh...the J.Crew Leopard Cardigan. Yeah, I really loved this, but was torn about getting it because it's coloring was very similar to the python print (have this) and the alligator print (didn't love this). Anyhoo, paired with the Zoey tank in Jasmine (the perfect shiny layering piece- I think I have a 4 and 8 listed on ebay), and white jeans, I was off to work in style.

One thing you may see as a reoccurring theme in my polyvore sets is the J.Crew Opera Strand of Pearls. Years ago, I got a very lovely single strand from Mikimoto, which I cherish dearly...except J.Crew styles everything with layered jewelry. I tried pretty hard not to give into having to buy J.Crew specific pearls because I saw that Macy's would have pretty good sales, etc. But the quality of $500 double stranded pearls at Macy's doesn't compare to the consistently smooth pears of J.Crew. So, I am happy to say, if you're looking for a good strand at a relatively comparable price, try out the Opera strand.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What I wore today...

Sometimes, the colors your wear will define your mood. I used to be afraid of colors, sticking with darker colors, but I found wearing brighter brights can really cheer you up (not to mention the others around you!) I'm finding that I really love these rosette chiffon belts, and that they really give the outfit the perfect yipppppeee! of color.

What I'm wearing this weekend....

It's like Michael Jackson's don't matter if you're black or white. Yup, I got invited to a black/white themed party in Santa Barbara this weekend- much of me toyed with the idea of going in a white dress, but then I get the dreaded barrage of "why aren't you married yet" questions...and I sold my island eyelet dress this morning, so scratch that.

I found the j.crew sanur dress in black and thought, ok, this better work, because the twisted strap jersey dress had this horrible plastic ribbing that was just tearing up my skin- so I dug up my chiffon ribbon belt, a cashmere cardigan in snow and I'm off to the races.

Should be somewhat cooler along the coastline, so that's where the cashmere comes in. I think the chiffon belt adds a nice feminine touch to the outfit, so I decided to keep the other color belts for when I wear jeans + tees.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What I wore to work today!

W by Natedac on Ebay featuring J Crew

Thinking aloud here...summer has just So Cali, and I'm trying to figure out what will fit the mood, come Monday morning. The Vintage Violet Cardigan will probably win out- with the citron Joelle Cami (I love these!). Second place is the J.Crew Jakarta Cardigan w/the Warm Maize Bermudas. Third place, the Watercolor Floral Skirt, my happy medium when I need that extra push...perhaps on Wednesday, Hump Day!

Friday, July 10, 2009

What I REALLY wore to work today!

Scratch yesterday's planned outfit...couldn't pull it off when I realized how warm it was going to be low 80's. (I know, I'm sorry for all of you experiencing global warming in your part of the world, menopausal hot flashes, broken A/C's...). Anyhoo...Yup, I got it. The J.Crew Rolling Ruffles Tank in White. I figured it was going to be sell out, so I scooped one up on day and kept it. I have this in every color, and so far, it's worked well with all the J.Crew Merino Portland long cardigans. I think I have enough long cardis for now...any longer than the Portland Cardi, and it might be called a Car Coat for me. The Portland hits at mid-thigh, and the color today is navy. I wore it with my cafe capris and waaaalaah! My insta-outfit of the day!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

What I wore to work today!

Planning out my outfit a day ahead is supposed to save me time, right? Ha! I think it saves me time so I have time to tool around my place until I feel like I'm abusing my powers as being my own boss. But, I have to admit, I feel like a million bucks when I show up...and hopefully I look it too. One time, I was at a restaurant during lunch and a really old guy came up to me and told me how pretty I was. So I guess all this prep work does pay off to people who are clearly losing their vision.

On to the clothing...this J.Crew Leopard Sequin Cardigan is ridiculous. Retailing at $350, I waited until it hit about 2 markdowns before buying it. The verdict? It's one of those cardigans that really didn't get much play, probably because of the retail price. But when you see the details on it, your jaw just drops! Who, in their right mind, would sit there for hours/days/weeks sewing on all this iridescent sequins? Well, someone did, and boy did they do a great job. The print underneath is the leopard print in gray, but the sequins will make it appear somewhat light greenish, in real life. Paired with my J.Crew Joelle Cami in navy, this will make for a nice contrast.

It's Friday wear something special to celebrate the fact that there are two more days until Monday! :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What I wore to work today!

How divine is this J.Crew Beaded Chiffon Glisse Cami Top? The sequin detail on this is just amazing, as if you were wearing a bunch of princess jewelry. For having so many jewels on it, it's rather lightweight, silky and the perfect top for a nice warm day. The glitter and glitz decorates the v-neckline, with spaghetti straps. I added the J.Crew Golden Cypress Merino Cardigan for some warmth and color. Flared jeans, and my trusty J.Crew Belle Satchel in Pebble.

When buying clothes for myself, I really try picking the Black Label Collection pieces because I find them so interesting and full of personality. They may be a bit pricier (I wait for the mark downs!), but they are clothing to be cherished for years to come. One can have only so many perfect fit tees, tanks and khakis!

What I wore to work today!

Feeling zoo-rific today. This is one fantastic cardigan. It's called the intarsia weave, which means if you flip the cardi inside out, it looks like each yellow block is woven into the cream parts of the cardigan. Tedious, I'm sure, which is why this cardi is so special. It's 14 gauge merino knit, and lightweight, yet keeps the air conditioning from freezing me to death. 3/4 sleeves, button up, it went perfectly with my Cafe Capri's in British Khaki.

I heart this cardigan!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What I wore to work today!

I'm really leaning towards Fall colors now. There's just some reverse psychology that goes on in my brain when everything Spring/Summer pastel is on sale/clearance/final sale/no returns...etc. I guess I'm not a fan of dressing like my favorite Easter egg. As the clothing creators dictate, lighter colors in the Spring/Summer, and darker in the Fall/Winter. I'm more of a year 'round darker clothing type of gal.

I do like the style of this tank, because of the intricate details along the neckline. I wrapped the cardigan at times around my neck, like a shawl, because of how pretty the origami flowers were. Really, this tank is fabulous. This bag also doubles as my file cabinet. It's huge, stiff, and I would definitely clock a burglar over the noggin if I were given an opportunity. (Oh, I just found out, online carries this in the slate color...good to know)

I loved the color combos, and can't wait for actual Fall to set in...according to J.Crew, that's like early August, when So Cali should hit the high 90's...I'm just thinking about how ridiculous it will look when I wear a merino wool turtleneck on the way to work...haha.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

What I Wore Today!

Gotta find new uses for my long merino cardigans! So even though the weather is nice and warm, the nights tend to cool off a little bit, and that's when the trusty merino cardigans fit right back in! This is the Merino Portland Cardigan in Golden Cypress, which is like a light, yet, rich green color (think the inside of an avocado). The t-shirt is from the factory store, and I only managed to get a large in it, so if you're interested, please check it out here

(ebay id: jcrewround2 is used when I want to clean out my once, twice, three times used clothing, since I have so much, or if I manage to pick up some cool things at the outlet. Same great clothing, just a different ebay id so we don't confuse it w/the stuff I get at the retail stores that are brand new w/tags):

The shirt is pretty much of the same quality as the J.Crew Chiffon Rose tee, which came in the black and ivory colors. Seeing that they were so cool, I kept both for myself, and allowed the bf to wash it in the machine. Bad, bad, bad decision on my part. The chiffon rose miserably shrunk, and it just looks meagerly lined at this point. But it's just a shirt and there will be more wonderful shirts, so I'm not that upset- they still make for a great layering piece. This shirt brings back the same love we all have for the chiffon tape, and it's in a fun mum flower, purple color. How's that for a little wardrobe flava?

What I wore to work today!

Navy and Gold. I just love this combination. I got the J.Crew Mallorca Dress in Navy a few years back and have loved it ever since. (Thanks to Slastena's Blog, who wore it, which gave me the a-ha! moment to pull it from my closet). The dress has a built in shelf bra, and hits at the calves, which was perfect for a warm day. Because I'm demure with my bustline (don't want to give away the farm), I wore the J.Crew Ikat Cardigan, in Maize. It's a linen/silk blend, so it won't keep you totally warm, but it's a nice cover up piece. The outfit gave me the perfect flow for the wonderful weekend weather we were having this July 4th.

I have one more J.Crew Ikat Cardigan in xs, NWT, so if you'd like it, come visit my ebay store:

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What I Wore Today!

There's something that is very calming about the color orange for me. When I think back to my childhood, all my favorite stuffed animals were orange. Freddie, my Fisher Price Teddy Bear, circa 1978, a orange stuffed dog...Perhaps it's because it's an autumn color, and I was born in September. Whatever the reason, I'm naturally happier when I get the chance to wear this color.

This J.Crew tee is very, very soft. It's got this washed out, henna/paisley print that goes beautifully with the J.Crew 4 Pocket Merino Cardigan in copper. What a totally fantastic sweater this is- there are just so many notable things you can wear with it, and I'm sure I'll be tempted to use this cardi as my mix/match piece.

Loved this tee. It's really purty...

What I Wore Today!

What I wore today!
What I wore today! by Natedac on Ebay on

So I scooped up this fabulous tee at J.crew, and just went about gaga when I saw the beautiful neckline. Lace, sequins, more sequins, irridescent beading across the top and looks like it's a tied on necklace, as there is a silk ribbon that ties on the back side. I paired it with my traditional J.Crew Jackie Cardigan in Navy, and some white jeans and I was off to work. Compliments on my outfit? You betcha. The best part? No necklace necessary. I love built-ins!