Friday, July 10, 2009

What I REALLY wore to work today!

Scratch yesterday's planned outfit...couldn't pull it off when I realized how warm it was going to be low 80's. (I know, I'm sorry for all of you experiencing global warming in your part of the world, menopausal hot flashes, broken A/C's...). Anyhoo...Yup, I got it. The J.Crew Rolling Ruffles Tank in White. I figured it was going to be sell out, so I scooped one up on day and kept it. I have this in every color, and so far, it's worked well with all the J.Crew Merino Portland long cardigans. I think I have enough long cardis for now...any longer than the Portland Cardi, and it might be called a Car Coat for me. The Portland hits at mid-thigh, and the color today is navy. I wore it with my cafe capris and waaaalaah! My insta-outfit of the day!

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