Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What I Wore Today....

It's like being queen for the day...I just love this v-neck- J.Crew Slub Cotton Imperial Tee. It fits a bit bigger, so I sized down to an xs. I wore it with FiFi Merino Cardigan in black, which I love, because of the girlish ruffles. Fifi is perfect- Size small, because I don't like my cardigans too tight. I also pulled out of my closet, the black felted mini skirt from last year (staples, ladies, this is a staple item)- which kinda looks like the bistro skirt from this season- hey, black is black and a mini is a mini...

The ombre scarf is another must have. I love wearing this scarf because it's silky and purple. You can't really go wrong. I've paired it with saffron, yellows, oranges and I'll tell you's a keeper!

Monday, September 28, 2009

What I Wore Today!

So you're looking to glam up your wardrobe a bit...but not have to revamp the whole thing. It's so easy. Invest this cute top (I have the black one- black on black sequins). Wear a white button up shirt underneath, grab some old blue jeans and make what was once again.

It's kind of a fun look, and with the right simple accessories, you can really put some elegance into your look with not a whole lot of effort.

I love my J.Crew Belle Satchel. It holds just the same amount of stuff that my J.Crew Uptown Tote holds and it's shiny, so I can get away with carrying an offwhite purse, without the look and feel of a little old lady. Not old like any of us, but our mom's and grannies...haha. I have one listed, so get one before it's gone (copy and paste the link):

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What I wore today...

I am so ready for it to get cold. How ready? I crank my A/C in the office down to 68.5 degrees. It would be 55 by choice if I could get it lower, and then I can justify wearing a snow coat to work in California. Don't get me wrong, I'm horrid in the cold when it comes time to winter, and I'm crying like a baby because it's 60 in So Cali.

This is the J.Crew Fleur de lis Cardigan. I hesitated keeping this because of the fact that I have so many cardigans, but I was sold on the fleur de lis design. I must really miss Fall 2007!

This runs a little big, so I sized down and felt monochromatic clothing would serve it well. Black tissue turtleneck with the j.crew black resin rinse toothpick jeans. I do love these jeans. Because I'm in love with my toothpicks this season, I've found no reason to ever click on the pants/denim/cords button on the jcrew site. I also have these in the midnight wash and think they're fabulous.

The color of this cardi is driftwood, which is a dark straw color, and the jewels just make you feel a bit fancier. Minimal jewelry because it already comes with so much bling.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What I Wore Today....'s officially Fall. Which means, I'm done wearing all the loud bright colors of summer...bring on the muted rich tones of the season! The J.Crew Eyelash Lace Cami/Tank is every bit of lovely and romantic. The best part about this top is the color, which is a tan/taupe color that went really well with my snow colored cashmere cardigan, black minnie pants and black patent flats. I can totally imagine wearing this with some dark greens, deep aubergine, dark purples, navy...and I'm sure it would look really stunning with cords and heels. A very versatile top.

I also love my J.Crew Opera Length Pearls. Talk about a piece I wear every day. I'm not so into the costume jewelry myself (because where would I start and where would it end??), but I like certain static pieces that are timeless. I double twist this strand to make it a double strand, but when I'm sporting my Frances Camis, I triple strand them so that it is more like a loose choker.

This is one of those pretty tops that I'm sure will get plenty of wear down the road! It fits true to size- I opted for a size 2, because that was the only one left- lucky me it worked for me! :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What I wore to work today!

OK- so sometimes, I feel blah. Why? Because I stuffed myself with too many desserts, good food and found no time (MADE no time) to go workout. So, come Tuesday morning after a long weekend, I'm not in the mood for toothpick jeans that snicker at me when I try to pull them on. Second skin on a hot day when I'm feeling tubby, just doesn't work.

So, feeling my lumberjack best, I threw together this chambray shirt (which has the prettiest sheen), my golden hickory capri's, ($20 at jcrew now), and my man scarf (also from jcrew), I was good to go.

How do I feel? Pretty. Boyish pretty. Sometimes a girl just needs a break from girl clothes. Believe me, this is one cool outfit. I love it!