Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What I Wore Today....'s officially Fall. Which means, I'm done wearing all the loud bright colors of summer...bring on the muted rich tones of the season! The J.Crew Eyelash Lace Cami/Tank is every bit of lovely and romantic. The best part about this top is the color, which is a tan/taupe color that went really well with my snow colored cashmere cardigan, black minnie pants and black patent flats. I can totally imagine wearing this with some dark greens, deep aubergine, dark purples, navy...and I'm sure it would look really stunning with cords and heels. A very versatile top.

I also love my J.Crew Opera Length Pearls. Talk about a piece I wear every day. I'm not so into the costume jewelry myself (because where would I start and where would it end??), but I like certain static pieces that are timeless. I double twist this strand to make it a double strand, but when I'm sporting my Frances Camis, I triple strand them so that it is more like a loose choker.

This is one of those pretty tops that I'm sure will get plenty of wear down the road! It fits true to size- I opted for a size 2, because that was the only one left- lucky me it worked for me! :)


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  2. I just love your style. This set is great – simple and yet so tastefull.
    I did notice that you mostly wear jcrew pearls. I was always wondering why?
    Thanks for posting…

  3. I'm not much of a jewelry person- and these pearls just go with everything. I like to double or triple strand them, and for $500, it's really one of those things I wear every day. I'm more of a simple jewelry person (I'm tiny), and I find it very simple and elegant. Everyone tells me it brightens up my face and it looks very classy! :)


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