Wednesday, June 23, 2010

For Sale: J.Crew Metallic Tweed Charmed Mini Bag- NWT


Thursday, January 21, 2010

What I Wore Today! The J.Crew Stardust Skirt...

I always wonder why sparkles are only reserved for the holiday seems like there is always a reason to wear it, a reason to celebrate, a happy hour to go to...a Valentine's Day date to plan for ;) !

Sparkles can be tricky to wear sometimes. Unless you have the power of polyvore, one might stare at this beautiful skirt and say, ok, I have it, what now?

I love the set #1. The dark green really plays down the sparkles, and the silk blouse adds some softness to the overall texture. Although I don't wear much jewelry, I figure some of my readers I added some. This is a really nice set, office to office dinner- it makes for a smooth transition.

Set #2 is also very opulent. I have one of these sparkle silk chiffon tanks left in a size 8. It's a beautiful tank that I own personally, and wear with jeans a lot. Paired with the skirt, minimal jewelry is required, however, a reservation to a nice restaurant is necessary!

Set #3 is fun. I think anytime you can get away with wearing something silky underneath a tee, you're in the money. The navy with silver is tried, true and tested- I also love the Chanel feel of this J.Crew Metallic Tweed Mini Bag. Cute, cute, cute!

Set #4 is one of those wear to work outfits. Especially on a gloomy day. If you always strive to dress the way you WANT to feel, you're always going to get it right. Just don't wear Russel Athletic sweatpants, ok? I love finding new uses for my J.Crew Zoey's!

Set #5- sparkle much? Sparkle Berry Much! This set was inspired as I looked around the room and found my sparkle skirt laying next to my J.Crew Ombre scarf. The colors look really rich and correspond very well with each other. I love different shades of berry pulled together.

Set #6. I never get sick of my Candy Tees. They're so colorful, and really easy to wear! Dress it up or down, they have embellishments (girls LOVE embellishments and embellishing things...haha.), and they're fun. The golden avocado cami gives this outfit the blast of color it deserves, without going overboard.

Here are some of the items up for sale:

J.Crew Stardust Skirt, size 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12:

J.Crew Beaded Glisse Cami, size 8 (can fit a 10)

J.Crew Candy Tees:

J.Crew Metallic Tweed Mini Bag:

J.Crew Zoey Tank, size 4, 8:

J.Crew Imperial Tee, size S M or L:

Monday, January 18, 2010

What I Wore Today!

Since J.Crew Fall 2007 has come and gone, I've slowly started pulling out all the items I remember seeing from their catalogs. I ordered the J.Crew Scattered Locket last week and I'm excited to get it.

The sweater is the long sleeve wool/cashmere bateau striped sweater, and the purse is the vintage violet clutch. I love the romantic look for the colors, prints and how they clash, but yet still come together!

Clip to polyvore...

Clip to polyvore...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What I Wore Today!

This is a fun outfit. I have always loved this cardigan (J.Crew Critter Argyle Cardigan), because it takes some fun doggies and mixes it to the seriousness of argyle. I love the J.Crew Joelle Blouse, as it is soft and very feminine. The coloring is a shimmery brown. My new current love is the ripstop cargo pants. These are the cropped version for us shorties. It's kind of military/glam, in my opinion. I'm not about to completely rock out in an army look, but some is not a bad idea.

Quite frequently, I will tie a sweater around my waist just for the color effect. The J.Crew Stripe Dolce is perfect, as it is really light and colorful. The olive color is the perfect shade. I love my zebra tee. I think this was one of the best items of last year, Spring 2009. I've become pickier when it comes to tees. I think it has to past the seasonal test of whether I will like it 5 years from now. Because it was so elaborately done, it's a must have, must keep. When it gets cooler, I pair it w/ripped jeans and a khaki colored jacket and it looks almost safari-cool.

Oh Keaton, I love you. You make all my whimsical tees, well, a little more mature. :) I'm keeping this cardi for when I want to bring a more "male" element to my wardrobe. The "tux" look works w/white tanks, the black sequin tank (backordered for me), khakis, jeans...I really think it's a must have, wardrobe staple.

I love this tee. I got it at Forever 21 and it's super fun. I also have the bag too- will be listing it soon. Here's what the bag looks like (front: girl w/jeweled mole, black satin bow on handle. Back: French lettering in the form Eifle Tower, with red girl in tutu outlined). It's canvas, 13.5" H x 11.5" L, 3.5" W, handles are 11" at the arch. $30 shipped, will need your paypal email address if you would like one- I have only 2 left! Please email

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What I Wore Today!

It was a mellow yellow day! I woke up, feeling good. I worked out, got ready for work and felt like I should just go with something different. This was a fun set to try out because I normally don't do too much of the yellow mustards and browns. The sweater is the j.crew dolce striped sweater in olive or light olive, it's one of those olive colors. The pants are the j.crew capris in hickory. Who would have thought that hickory and olive would be so good together?

It's a spiffy combo, I dare you to try it out! :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

What I Wore Today!

I'm not sure how one cannot be addicted to these J.Crew Scattered Petals Cami. They're so soft! And ruffle-y! And subtle. I know what you're thinking...everything has ruffles. You're right. But, if you're going to get your fill of ruffles, this is the cami to snag. I sized down to a 0 in this, and they really go with everything- cords, jeans, minnie pants. I especially love my minnie pants in gray- the cords were the closet thing I could crop/paste. The J.Crew Long Cypress Green Cardigan looked perfect, as I wasn't looking to go to work in totally dark colors to start off the work New Year.

The petals really bring the cami to life. Looking for a good time? Forget reading the public bathroom walls...just scope out one of these bad girls on ebay!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What I Wore Today!

Toying around with some potential outfits for the week. This is what happens during a 4 day weekend for me...I get restless and instead of organizing my closet with my new WunderHangers, I am here tooling around on polyvore. My bf even said, polyvore and blogging...again??? Yes, nerd, again.

I love this cardigan- it's pretty in so many ways. Because of the decorative jewels, you'll want to keep your costume/regular jewelry to a minimum.

One of my favorite pairings is with the J.Crew Hammered Silk Tank that came in the color FOG. There's nothing foggy about this! :) I think pairing it also with something brown or black will work. I love my J.Crew Metallic Uptown tote, because I feel like you can use it when you're wearing something cool and sparkly!

I have an XS, S, M and L left in this cardigan- readers price is $185 shipped via usps 2-3 day w/tracking #.

Own a piece of cool!

What I Wore Today!

Later on tonight, I'm going to head out to dinner. It gets a bit colder here, maybe in the 50's, so bundling up in the most stylish way is totally called for!

I am a scarf fiend. If J.Crew makes a print, I usually almost always will buy it in the scarf version. This print is called the stained glass print. Now, I saw the cardigan and I was not in love with it. It looked better folded on the table, rather than on me. I think sometimes when the print is too "zoomed in" on, it loses its appeal. But, if done so on a scarf, it's ok, because most likely, you're using the scarf to add a touch of color to whatever you're already wearing. I own a slew of cardigan that have prints on them, but I usually like the smaller ones.

I take a lot of the coloring out of the scarves to find inspiration. Today's outfit is light purple, bright yellows and black. The J.Crew Fiona jacket is really stylish and ladylike, and I have a few more left, 2, 4, 8, 10 and 12:

Have a great evening! :)

What I Wore Today!

It's a great thing being in Southern Cali. Sure, our people here are a little eccentric, sometimes snotty (depending on where you go), but we do have great weather. The nights are a bit chilly, but nothing a warm jacket can't fix. The mornings and afternoons are truly beautiful and we really don't appreciate it until we crack open the newspaper and realize that half the world hasn't defrosted yet. For our weather, I am thankful.

Feeling a bit like thawing out of the winter blahs, even though I am the type of person to wear bright clothes when it is feeling dreary out. I chose this outfit today, as I love flowers, and feel like EVERYTHING should be in bloom soon. My pink Belle Satchel from J.Crew (LOVE this bag, it makes every outfit feel that much more polished and beautiful), matches the flowers on the shirt perfectly. I don't like to over do it on the pink, so I chose some blues and browns to give it a bit more balance.

I have one more J.Crew Belle Satchel left, please let me know if you would like it. I think it is very refined and a big big contrast to all the "hobos" J.Crew currently has for their season. I guess there's nothing wrong with hobos, if that's the look you're going for. I'm a girlie girl when it comes to dress up, and I think the bag often makes the outfit!

Friday, January 1, 2010

What I Wore Today! The J.Crew Tivoli Cardigan

Hope you get some inspiration out of my new layout- I had fun creating, recreating, changing out some of my favorite items.

I think some items are standards in my closet: pearls, black patent ballet flats, j.crew uptown tote in pewter, sunglasses, watch and ring.

When I shop, I usually take a while to think, rethink, and think outside and inside the box to see if what I am getting will contribute to my wardrobe, or provide me with a one time happy high of obtaining the item and then have it disappear into the back of my closet for shame that I will never touch it again. I'm pretty conservative in nature, so you won't see too many outlandish things (hopefully).

PS- because of the new direction of this blog, for the sake of saving time, I will still feature what I'm wearing on a daily basis, because some of you go crazy and ask me if I've been nude for days if I don't post. I will create these kinds of sets featuring different items on a weekly basis, as they are a bit more time consuming. Remember, sometimes it IS fun to dig into the closet and recreate your look! :)

What I Wore Today! (My Happy New Year's Post + Updates!!)

New Year, New Thoughts!

I thought to myself about what I could possibly contribute to you, the loyal followers of J.Crew clothing in 2010. I wanted to really create some really neat sets on a daily basis, but realize many of us do not have unlimited access to everything that jcrew makes, in every color, every style. That's OK!

In 2010, I'm going to start making sets with the same ideas, just maybe interchanging the shirt to be worn with, etc. I may consider bringing back some old sets, and mixing it with something new. I think this will work better for everyone, as I am clearly taking too much time deciding what to wear, then hearing others groan about how. they. missed. that. shirt. I know how you feel, believe me.

Since some of the items I polyvore, I also have for sale, if you see something you like, I will offer you, my loyal readers, free usps 2-3 day shipping if the transaction is paid for via paypal. It's very simple. I send a paypal email, a DETAILED (make sure your seller always does this) invoice with what you're getting, and you point, click and pay. Tracking # is always sent as a confirmation. I also discount for multiple items purchased. Happy buyers are happy repeat buyers, so I always strive to put my customers first with the best possible customer service.
Ok, enough New Year's babbling from this corner of the world, enjoy the set, featuring the Tivoli cardigan.

Happy New Year, may 2010 be a year of style and the year we all exercise the self control to spend less, save more, and become less of the shopping monsters we were in 2009!

PS- Do you like the new colors? I decided to the leave the blues/grays for 2009.