Sunday, January 10, 2010

What I Wore Today!

This is a fun outfit. I have always loved this cardigan (J.Crew Critter Argyle Cardigan), because it takes some fun doggies and mixes it to the seriousness of argyle. I love the J.Crew Joelle Blouse, as it is soft and very feminine. The coloring is a shimmery brown. My new current love is the ripstop cargo pants. These are the cropped version for us shorties. It's kind of military/glam, in my opinion. I'm not about to completely rock out in an army look, but some is not a bad idea.

Quite frequently, I will tie a sweater around my waist just for the color effect. The J.Crew Stripe Dolce is perfect, as it is really light and colorful. The olive color is the perfect shade. I love my zebra tee. I think this was one of the best items of last year, Spring 2009. I've become pickier when it comes to tees. I think it has to past the seasonal test of whether I will like it 5 years from now. Because it was so elaborately done, it's a must have, must keep. When it gets cooler, I pair it w/ripped jeans and a khaki colored jacket and it looks almost safari-cool.

Oh Keaton, I love you. You make all my whimsical tees, well, a little more mature. :) I'm keeping this cardi for when I want to bring a more "male" element to my wardrobe. The "tux" look works w/white tanks, the black sequin tank (backordered for me), khakis, jeans...I really think it's a must have, wardrobe staple.

I love this tee. I got it at Forever 21 and it's super fun. I also have the bag too- will be listing it soon. Here's what the bag looks like (front: girl w/jeweled mole, black satin bow on handle. Back: French lettering in the form Eifle Tower, with red girl in tutu outlined). It's canvas, 13.5" H x 11.5" L, 3.5" W, handles are 11" at the arch. $30 shipped, will need your paypal email address if you would like one- I have only 2 left! Please email

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  1. Agree about critter cardi- too cute. All of the outfits are well done!


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