Monday, January 4, 2010

What I Wore Today!

I'm not sure how one cannot be addicted to these J.Crew Scattered Petals Cami. They're so soft! And ruffle-y! And subtle. I know what you're thinking...everything has ruffles. You're right. But, if you're going to get your fill of ruffles, this is the cami to snag. I sized down to a 0 in this, and they really go with everything- cords, jeans, minnie pants. I especially love my minnie pants in gray- the cords were the closet thing I could crop/paste. The J.Crew Long Cypress Green Cardigan looked perfect, as I wasn't looking to go to work in totally dark colors to start off the work New Year.

The petals really bring the cami to life. Looking for a good time? Forget reading the public bathroom walls...just scope out one of these bad girls on ebay!

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