Thursday, January 21, 2010

What I Wore Today! The J.Crew Stardust Skirt...

I always wonder why sparkles are only reserved for the holiday seems like there is always a reason to wear it, a reason to celebrate, a happy hour to go to...a Valentine's Day date to plan for ;) !

Sparkles can be tricky to wear sometimes. Unless you have the power of polyvore, one might stare at this beautiful skirt and say, ok, I have it, what now?

I love the set #1. The dark green really plays down the sparkles, and the silk blouse adds some softness to the overall texture. Although I don't wear much jewelry, I figure some of my readers I added some. This is a really nice set, office to office dinner- it makes for a smooth transition.

Set #2 is also very opulent. I have one of these sparkle silk chiffon tanks left in a size 8. It's a beautiful tank that I own personally, and wear with jeans a lot. Paired with the skirt, minimal jewelry is required, however, a reservation to a nice restaurant is necessary!

Set #3 is fun. I think anytime you can get away with wearing something silky underneath a tee, you're in the money. The navy with silver is tried, true and tested- I also love the Chanel feel of this J.Crew Metallic Tweed Mini Bag. Cute, cute, cute!

Set #4 is one of those wear to work outfits. Especially on a gloomy day. If you always strive to dress the way you WANT to feel, you're always going to get it right. Just don't wear Russel Athletic sweatpants, ok? I love finding new uses for my J.Crew Zoey's!

Set #5- sparkle much? Sparkle Berry Much! This set was inspired as I looked around the room and found my sparkle skirt laying next to my J.Crew Ombre scarf. The colors look really rich and correspond very well with each other. I love different shades of berry pulled together.

Set #6. I never get sick of my Candy Tees. They're so colorful, and really easy to wear! Dress it up or down, they have embellishments (girls LOVE embellishments and embellishing things...haha.), and they're fun. The golden avocado cami gives this outfit the blast of color it deserves, without going overboard.

Here are some of the items up for sale:

J.Crew Stardust Skirt, size 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12:

J.Crew Beaded Glisse Cami, size 8 (can fit a 10)

J.Crew Candy Tees:

J.Crew Metallic Tweed Mini Bag:

J.Crew Zoey Tank, size 4, 8:

J.Crew Imperial Tee, size S M or L:

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