Friday, January 1, 2010

What I Wore Today! The J.Crew Tivoli Cardigan

Hope you get some inspiration out of my new layout- I had fun creating, recreating, changing out some of my favorite items.

I think some items are standards in my closet: pearls, black patent ballet flats, j.crew uptown tote in pewter, sunglasses, watch and ring.

When I shop, I usually take a while to think, rethink, and think outside and inside the box to see if what I am getting will contribute to my wardrobe, or provide me with a one time happy high of obtaining the item and then have it disappear into the back of my closet for shame that I will never touch it again. I'm pretty conservative in nature, so you won't see too many outlandish things (hopefully).

PS- because of the new direction of this blog, for the sake of saving time, I will still feature what I'm wearing on a daily basis, because some of you go crazy and ask me if I've been nude for days if I don't post. I will create these kinds of sets featuring different items on a weekly basis, as they are a bit more time consuming. Remember, sometimes it IS fun to dig into the closet and recreate your look! :)


  1. Love it! If I ever come into money I'm flying you over to lay out clothes for me on a weekly basis, N will just have to make do with seeing you at weekends!

  2. Wow--you styled the Trivoli in some great ways! My favorite is with the Leopard tank--I'm drawing a blank at the name!!!
    That ONE is FABULOUS!

  3. L in G- Thank you- start playing the lottery...haha. N doesn't care, as long as football or futbol is on during the weekdays...

    Yoga girl- Thank you! It's all about recycling and keeping more of our green in 2010- that's the serengeti tank, runs big- I think ebay has one size 10 left.

  4. WOW-who knew Tivoli could be worn so many ways! CUTE!! Happy 2010:)

  5. I think it's a rather versatile cardi myself- the two tone really does open itself up to different variations. Thank you, Sweetsy!

  6. I have many of the items that you used in your sets and never thought to pair them together. You've inspired me to play around and think outside the box.

  7. Hi Lacey- so good to hear that! When I see piles and piles of my own clothing, I always ask myself why I would be crazy to buy more...


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