Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What I wore to work today!

I'm really leaning towards Fall colors now. There's just some reverse psychology that goes on in my brain when everything Spring/Summer pastel is on sale/clearance/final sale/no returns...etc. I guess I'm not a fan of dressing like my favorite Easter egg. As the clothing creators dictate, lighter colors in the Spring/Summer, and darker in the Fall/Winter. I'm more of a year 'round darker clothing type of gal.

I do like the style of this tank, because of the intricate details along the neckline. I wrapped the cardigan at times around my neck, like a shawl, because of how pretty the origami flowers were. Really, this tank is fabulous. This bag also doubles as my file cabinet. It's huge, stiff, and I would definitely clock a burglar over the noggin if I were given an opportunity. (Oh, I just found out, online carries this in the slate color...good to know)

I loved the color combos, and can't wait for actual Fall to set in...according to J.Crew, that's like early August, when So Cali should hit the high 90's...I'm just thinking about how ridiculous it will look when I wear a merino wool turtleneck on the way to work...haha.


  1. Thank you! I had a plethora of compliments, which was the fun and flattering part! :)


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