Sunday, July 5, 2009

What I Wore Today!

Gotta find new uses for my long merino cardigans! So even though the weather is nice and warm, the nights tend to cool off a little bit, and that's when the trusty merino cardigans fit right back in! This is the Merino Portland Cardigan in Golden Cypress, which is like a light, yet, rich green color (think the inside of an avocado). The t-shirt is from the factory store, and I only managed to get a large in it, so if you're interested, please check it out here

(ebay id: jcrewround2 is used when I want to clean out my once, twice, three times used clothing, since I have so much, or if I manage to pick up some cool things at the outlet. Same great clothing, just a different ebay id so we don't confuse it w/the stuff I get at the retail stores that are brand new w/tags):

The shirt is pretty much of the same quality as the J.Crew Chiffon Rose tee, which came in the black and ivory colors. Seeing that they were so cool, I kept both for myself, and allowed the bf to wash it in the machine. Bad, bad, bad decision on my part. The chiffon rose miserably shrunk, and it just looks meagerly lined at this point. But it's just a shirt and there will be more wonderful shirts, so I'm not that upset- they still make for a great layering piece. This shirt brings back the same love we all have for the chiffon tape, and it's in a fun mum flower, purple color. How's that for a little wardrobe flava?

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