Saturday, December 26, 2009

What I Wore Today!

Sometimes it gets cold in Southern California. Hate us, but it's like 50 degrees and the heater in my house is cranked up, and we're doing some serious bundling up! Because it hardly ever gets this cold, I am not used to dressing fashionably without looking like a bulky little snow-woman.

I fished out my J.Crew Chunky Star Cable Popover Sweater. This sweater fulfills its long long name. It's super warm and with a favorite fit tank top underneath it, it's perfect. The scarf is offwhite, and keeps the cold from really getting to me. The pants are the cropped rip stop cargo pants in the blanched almond (for $29.99 and 20% off, I got another pair as a back up, and the warm clove, too). Threw on my Uggs, which I used to think were short for Ugg-ly, but after running through a couple of airports, I realized these are a God send. I love them and I love my less fashionable sister (haha, I'm dead if she sees this) for buying them for me on my birthday.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and stayed warm and fashionable for the day!


  1. I understand.
    I just cannot bring myself to do the UGGS thing but I know I would LOVE them and live in them due to their warmth and of course, comfort.
    "Live in them"
    That's why I am still refraining.

  2. LOL- everyone laughs at mine, but I have learn to grow thick UGG skin and now it's about comfort. It's really too bad, they're really uggg-ly, but really comfy...


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