Saturday, December 26, 2009

What I Wore on Christmas!

I love Christmas. Not so much because I like getting gifts, although this year was all about the cool gifts: Nespresso pods for my new Nespresso. Side note: my bf bought me a Nespresso machine. It was pricey at $350 at Williams Sonoma, I have to admit. I don't think I've ever wanted something so domestic and expensive at the same time- crazy because I don't think twice about that and clothing. Anyway, it turns out to be like 50 cents per pod, which is crazy cheap, because starbucks will charge you $4 for a cappuccino. So, 100 uses will just about break even. The best part is, every morning my bf will bring me my nonfat, double shot, extra dry with one sugar in the raw cappuccino, hot and pronto. He loves playing barista and I love playing customer. He got this for me in November when it started getting cooler and I was not in the mood to drink a cold Starbucks double shot in a can.

My sister got me 200 pods for Xmas, and I love her for it. I also got gift cards, cash, etc. It was awesome.

The BEST part was what I got everyone. That, to me, is the best best best part of Xmas. I got my sister some J.Crew, my 4 1/2 year old niece a crap load of Calico Critters (let's hope my almost 1 year old nephew doesn't swallow one of the 1000 pieces it came in and craps out a plastic plate), and some Disneyland tix for my brother and his gf. Not going to run off all the gifts I gave, but everyone seemed stoked. :)

My Xmas outfit was the reindeer tee. I decided I had to wear this sparkly number for the big day, along with my super warm J.Crew Dream Open Cardigan, Red/Black checked scarf and my ripped jeans, which my mom said, you need to throw those out, they're ripped...haha. Mom, they're specially ripped. I bought them that way.

What a great day, we all had a good time and there were laughs to be shared by all.


  1. Oh..that sounds like a LOVELY gift! He even brings them to you..that makes it that much more fab!
    Love the ripped jeans comment from your mom. I am hearing more and more of this and as I now see my nephews (high school age) wearing these, I am starting to think I might be wrongly interpreted as in the midst of a mid-life crisis;/

  2. Yes, I think it's a novelty, which is why he's been making them for me! Check back around January...I'm sure I'll be making my own. Until then, I am enjoying a daily tasty beverage- the thing only takes literally 1 minute to use.

    LOL- my mom was blitzed on red wine when she started giving me fashion advice. But don't get me wrong, we've had this conversation before when she was sober too. She's gone after 1 small glass of red wine, God help the woman. She makes for lovely entertainment though.

    Those jr/high/school kids. I've seen them running around town (I'm in So Cal, btw)- they all seem to be wearing their kid sister's pants! I think they call it emo wear, but it looks androgynous!

  3. I love the festive reindeer tee and the red tartan scarf :) I bet you looked perfect for Christmas!

  4. Thank you! I am most proud of my man-scarf, fished out of the men's section- jcrew did not make any plaid/tartan goodies for the ladies this season, but I got my fill with that scarf! :)

  5. Super outfit as usual. Wanted to thank you for helping me get the JC Slub Cotton Embroidered Flowers tee from your friend. I let her know that you gave me her contact info. and she had lovely things to say about you. Looks like I'll have it in plenty of time before my b-day. Getting older isn't fun, but a new tee that I've been endless searching for sure helps. You're a doll with super taste. Thanks and happy New Year.

  6. Oh Lacey, that is awesome! :) What nice words you've said about me, really makes my day. It was fun ebay messaging w/ My sister read this blog and said, WHO IS YOUR UNFASHIONABLE SISTER? And I said, uh, Gordon. (My brother). Haha. Phew, that was a close one. hahaah.

  7. I love that T too!

    Hey you forgot to mention the extra wide smile followed by teenage giggling that your gifts to me caused!

  8. It was fun emailing. Again, thanks. The tee is officially on it's way. You not only have great taste, but you're so funny. Got the Two Dogs tee today and I LOVE it so much! I like all the old tees and not many of the new ones. I bought yet another X-mas/b-day gift on Ebay where I went searching for all the vintage tees - The Symphony necklace. I'm new to Ebay and it's VERY dangerous. Now, I must stop for a while. Meanwhile, the resort collection is now in some store and will launch on 1/2. I MUST be strong. Hugs, Lacey


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