Thursday, October 8, 2009

What I wore to work today!

Sometimes, it just WORKS for me in the morning-(keep in mind, 75% of the time, it doesn't!)So, I'm feeling a little bit like a fatty this morning, so I decided the toothpick jeans weren't going to be friends with me, but my Minnies were calling my name. I love these- they're black, they're stretchy, they don't lose their shape, and they shamelessly look good on you 30 days out of the month. Really, they do. So grab a pair, I sized down because I think they run a bit bigger (Ok, J.Crew, if you say I'm a 0 on a fat day, I'll take it and run with it).

Another favorite is my Twisted Slub Cotton Henley- in gray. It's made from this really cool Japanese cotton, stretchy, sheer and very 9-5 pm cool. In fact, I threw on my opera length pearls (which I think every girl out there should own- unless I'm wearing something with a decorated collar, I will sport these every day!), double stranded them, and tossed on my Dream Shawl Cardigan to go with it.

I'm going to say I am warm, comfortable and don't look like I just got out of a log cabin. Give it a try!

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