Thursday, October 8, 2009

What I wore to work today!

2 days ago...I actually got the store version of the Anton, same Anton, but the color was the Heather Cypress, which is more of a pea-green color. I do love it because I was looking for something other than a Jackie Cardigan, or a Cashmere Tee, etc.

I have an arm full (yes, arm full) of the tissue turtlenecks from last season's sale (at like $10 each), so I'm starting to bring them out again. Some things are just good to have on hand, because as one of my friend's with a baby says "tissue turtlenecks are exactly what eventually becomes of them...tissues" Oh kids, love them, but they do destroy most of the cool clothes. I heard they even destroy inexpensive ones. I may have to figure out a way to scotchguard myself when it's my turn. Or just move my closet to work so that they will be far, far away from my clothing.

I do love my toothpick jeans in the black resin rinse. LOVE. I have never been a fan of black jeans, but these are the blackest of the black jeans and as long as you have someone in your household that won't fade them (see, I don't touch laundry. It's an agreement I have w/the bf), you will love them for a long time.

Pulled out the mohair scarf from last season (managed to score these in every color too- I'm kind of a Rainbow Bright like that) it came in handy on a rather cool day.


  1. Love this outfit - with the tan Anton or the heather cypress. I am a newbie to the land of tissue turtles - just got my first one on Sunday and I am already in love. Will be stocking up come sale-time.

  2. Most definitely! I stocked up in January, when they were about $10/each. I'd try the outlets too- after all, tissue tee are tissue tees...

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