Saturday, August 22, 2009

What I wore to work today!

I'm going to call this the "If I could..." post. If I could buy all the Frances cami's in my size, I would. In every color. :P This is how much I love this top. The deep rose is my newest addition (own the geo, thinking I need the yellow, and ivory one- as well as the herringbone print one). Crazy, yes I am....especially about the Frances cami!

I paired this with the Minnie pants. Now, if I decide to get two things this season, I'm going to say it's the Minnie pants. I'm a 0-2, although in the Cafe Capri's, I'm a Petite 4, so I got this in a 0. I haven't worked out in 2-3 weeks, but these pants will lie and tell you I'm on a strict workout routine, coupled with my celebrity chef that makes me low-cal, low-fat, low-carb meals. When I bought this top in the Deep Rose, I found myself thinking how perfect it would look with the Minnie's in the gray. Black or ivory cashmere cardi to pair it off.

I'm finding that j.crew sizing is running a bit differently. Whereas I normally wear a 2, I can squish myself comfortably into a 0. My mirror does tell me something different though!


  1. Glad to see your new post. I love the Frances too! That Deep Rose color is gorgeous IRL. I also bought it in the Dark Slate. Sadly, the Minnie didn't work for me (too long). Glad to see it is working for others!

  2. I got both Herringbone and Gio Frances. I like it and want to keep it... but all these ruffles feel a bit overwhelming to me.

  3. Cool Audrey, you know what I did with my Minnies? I flipped them up. I should probably get them hemmed...but then I would have to part with them for several days! :P

    Simply Jcrew- try the Frances with a sweater dress with a scoopneck- I kept my Kelsey dress from 2 years ago (scoopneck wool dress in black). The only thing with so many ruffles is that you have to totally make that top your "it" piece!


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