Saturday, August 22, 2009

What I wore to work today!

2 years ago, J.Crew rolled out a lot of fantastic items. It was more of a "royalty" theme, with crowns, and rich jeweled tones, deep purples, greens, grays, rich, rich colors. I loved every piece and I'm pretty sure my closet has the best of the best. To recreate the same look, I stuck to a lot of basics I already have. You will see a lot of reoccuring themed items that I continually use: J.Crew Uptown Tote in Light Pewter, J.Crew High Heel in patent black, Sunglasses, Raymond Weil watch, J.Crew Opera length pearl necklace, Patent Black Flats, but it's because I'm boring like that. I like to stick with what works and occassionally, I'll go out on a limb and buy things that I end up returning because I'm thinking, some colors/styles are not for me.

For one, I am an J.Crew Uptown Tote girl. It's roomy, it's stylish and it's not too frilly. I can't do frilly. Light Pewter is my Fall pick, but I also own the tote in navy, white, metallic crackle silver, and God knows what else is stuffed in my closet.

Secondly, shoes. Don't get me wrong. I have tons of shoes- just that I wear the same ones all the time. Black or brown always work for me, and I make sure they're comfortable. At 30, going on 31, I'm not really trying to score a trip to the podiatrist so that he can tell me I will need bunion surgery one day.

Thirdly, I am a scarf girl. Often times, the scarf will make the outfit because of the extra added colors. Sometimes I feel guilty for buying more, but that goes away really quickly when I see how awesome I look.

Ok- back to this outfit. The Imperial Tee is just royally cool. Toss the Ombre Scarf in Purple on, high heel denim jeans and you've got yourself one cool outfit!


  1. OMG, I had bunion surgery on both of my feet. The only JC shoes I have are Juliet in dusty rose – very cute but not so comfy… I LOVE Juliet tortoise patent-leather one – may be…
    I got my imperial tee too – love this tee.

  2. How did that surgery go? I'm not in it for any unnecessary pain- my Juliets kind of kill me too- for plain shoes, I would pick my comfortable Cole Haans w/Nike Air- they are patent black flats, in a ballet. It's like wearing running shoes!


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