Saturday, August 22, 2009

What I wore to work today!

Sometimes I start polyvoring, and I find that it actually encourages me to go back to the store to look for something I'm lacking. This time, I found it in the Men's Section. This boiled wool scarf is cool. How cool? Well, I'm not much of a "men's wear" type of girl. So you won't find me with a lumber shirt, half tucked, posing with one leg on a wooden crate at any j.crew. Sometimes I think the look looks good in the catalog, but really, how many of us are 6 feet tall and rail thin, with perfect hair and make up? Not in my life. But that's ok. I will make due with what I have. So. The scarf. Really a nice piece that looks really cool with the J.Crew Tissue Beaded Medallion Tee in Dark Slate and Cafe Capri's in Golden Hickory. It's still August, so there will be many more warm months in So Cali. At $20/pair, these capri's are a steal.

The black high heels give it a polished look, and I'm thinking I may even get a Timex for fun. It's a bit boyish, but the heels and jeweled tee certainly give it the perfect girlish balance!

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