Sunday, August 30, 2009

What I wore to work today!

Every Fall, I wait and watch for the cool stuff to appear. Seeing that I have the Bella Herringbone in Charcoal, the Velvet Ecole in Tawny Olive (love), the J.Crew Lexington's in black and gray, and who knows how many canvas-esque jackets that were too cute to pass up...I did not fall in love with the Eden. Sorry, it was too bulky. Plus, my bf always tells me he doesn't love my Bella (what does he know, he's a boy), but when he saw the Schoolboy blazer, he was all over it like flies on poop. So, I kept it, even though it's now 90 degrees consistently in So Cal. I saw this in the navy (which was my first pick, but all the people in the store said get the charcoal one), and really liked it, but they were right- a little too much Thirsten Howell the Third. You could have thrown a captain's hat on me and given me a yacht to set sail for a 3 hour tour.

So, the charcoal won. Since it's the main piece, I think giving it some plain items to go with it would totally serve it some justice. It's definitely one of those pieces, like the Bella and the Ecole that I would keep for several years (or more).

Missed out on the Ecole? I have several more of these lovelies in the smaller sizes: