Sunday, August 30, 2009

What I wore to work today!

Felt a bit overwhelmed today, so I decided to....SEIZE THE DAY. Yup, said to hell with the things I cannot change and worked with the things I had control over. Like my wardrobe...haha. Sometimes my wardrobe tackles me and it takes forever for me to get dressed. Sometimes life gets daunting. Here's my advice for the day: Big picture, and baby steps. I truly live by these words.

So, the J.Crew Jakarta Cardigan. Love this. It goes well with dark slate, honey glaze, golds, blue jeans...the print gets a double take, because the pattern is truly mesmerizing. I'm quite hypnotic like that! Haha. So, still have it in a few skirts, shorts, and cardi's- if you like prints (and this fall 2009 seems to be lacking in cool prints), this one's for you, kid...

Seize the tee shirt, and you'll be able to "seize the day"! The chiffon tape tee that everyone had to have, don't let it get away!

Want the happy yellow tote that is filled with sunshine and all bits of goodness?

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