Friday, June 26, 2009

What I wore to work today!

I wish I could skip Summer and go straight to Fall! How I love fall...the changing of the leaves (pshh...I live in So Cali), the changing me of my age (every reason to celebrate. There are 365 days in a year and each days brings me closer to another age. I'm not worried about getting older, I just want to make sure I enjoy each day to the fullest and that I've made a positive impact to everything I've encountered.)

Copper is the IT color for me. I think if there were to be more copper items this Fall, I've pretty much sold myself on how awesome this color is. The ruffled tank is from the jcrew outlets. Don't get me wrong, once in a while, there are some fabulous finds there! Paired off with some british khaki capris, I cruised through Friday with ease.

In a nutshell- this is a really nice cardi, a really nice tank...and you already know how cool cafe capris are! :)

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