Thursday, June 18, 2009

What I wore to work today!

The Joelle Cami...I loved this a little late in the game and ended up getting them all on sale. It's a bit loose, so I sized down in these. For $15/a piece, you can't beat it!

Occasionally, I'll get so swamped with work, I end up working...and not blogging or creating outfits...etc, etc. So here's my dilemma. Each morning, when I get ready for work, I find myself unable to pick out which outfit I want to wear. I'm spoiled by my hobby and have a lot of clothing. It's sometimes to my detriment, because it ends up taking forever to pick something out that I'm totally in the mood for. Several times, I rushed through the process and threw together something that had no "wow" factor and went to work feeling absolutely ugly. How sad, right?

So, to make my process easier, I think about what colors I'd like to wear together, and then my head. Yes. That's what I do. I pretty much memorize what color combinations look good together, inspired by the mannequins or catalogs, and go from there. I find that grey/citron, grey/bright fuchsia, navy/orange, brown/green, etc go well together.

Here's another secret way I do it. I look inside the clothing for the lining details (especially jackets), or the lining of the capri's, etc for inspiration. I mean, someone went to the trouble to do that ribbon detail, so they must have thought light khaki and salmon match, or tawny olive and deep purple/orange/yellow would jive.

Hope that helps all you ladies out there who stand in front of your closets, perplexed. :)

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