Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My J.Crew version of a Happy Outfit....

Got June Gloom? Seems like summer is never going to get here. At least here in California that seems to be the case. Because of dreary days outnumber the sunny ones, I need to revamp some outfits to get me out of a funky mood and into a working, productive happy mood. I find wearing bright, happy, prints make up for the lack of sun...which is why I like this skirt. Need a pick me up? Pick up this skirt...if you, like me, could use pieces of clothing that smiles right back at you. And if today sucked for you, tomorrow is another day to get it right! :)


  1. Hi there, I know this may be a long shot, but I know that you are an ebay reseller and I am desperately looking for an item. It's the Elodie Vachetta flat sandal (item 16004) in the nutmeg, size 9. I ordered the last pair of size 8, and it's too snug of course. I can't find it anywhere on ebay, and the website only has a size 6 left. They're on sale for 89.99 which is what I paid. If you can help or know anyone who can, please let me know! I would greatly appreciate it!

    My email address is

    Thank you!

  2. The blues seem to make the skirt "pop" even more. Love it!


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