Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I Wore Today!

Sometimes I feel like I should have lived in the 1950's. It was a time of glamour, a time when women looked like women, and something "borrowed from the boys" was a cigarette. Ok, I don't smoke, I absolutely have never tried it, but you get the point.

Kate Spade does a wonderful job of bringing us back to a time when things were simple. I'm not a jewelry girl, so I appreciate her not loading up the outfits with a ton of pieces that take away from the outfit itself.

This piece that I'm wearing today is the Kate Spade Lucinda Dress, along with the KS Michaeline Cardigan. The Lucinda has a lovely bow up front, and has a slight opening, the back has a two button neck closure with a back zip. Falls to the knee. The cardigan is a wool/cashmere blend, with polished scalloped buttons and a really darling bow at the neckline. I've tried to collect most of their cardigans! I'd rather have a few that are just near and dear to my heart, rather than a pile of garbage.

If you're my size, you're in luck! You can buy the outfit here (I buy multiples of things I have already, because people are always asking me where I get my items):

Just a heads up. I purchase all my items from retail stores. A lot of sellers of KS will have items that LOOK like the real thing (i.e., from China, Los Angeles, Colorado), and I've purchased from them. Pretty good knock off, but pretty bad when you compare it to the real thing. Example, I purchased the Josie Floral Dress and the silk isn't even comparable to the real thing. The ebay dress's silk is lightweight with runs, and the real thing at Neiman's was a thick silk. Once dress I picked up from China was a cotton/silk blend, the real deal? Real silk, fluid to the touch. Fool me once, shame on me...fool me twice...always buy new with tags or ask for proof of purchase!

Happy Thursday, Kids! :)


  1. Another homerun for you. Love this outfit.

  2. Thanks Molly! :) Where's spring break taking you this year?


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