Sunday, April 3, 2011

What I Wore Today!

I love color. Lots of color. One of my favorite things about Kate Spade is their undying love for color. "Live Colorfully" is printed in all of their items, on the garment tag. And why not? Color makes us happy, color signifies that we are healthy, color is a gift.

This is the Elyse Dress by Kate Spade. It has a lot of roses sketched onto it, front and back, and it's easy, breezy styling keeps my wardrobe simple when I'm just in the mood to not plan the outfit of the day. I find that a simple black, yellow, pink or red cardigan will be all I need. Of course, I bedeck myself with some J.Crew Opera Pearls! (A must have). I have one XS in this dress, and it's good for anyone that is 0-2 size. It's roomy, and it's forgiving and promises to make you look and feel polished!

This year, my plan is to live simply. Of course, this means saying good bye to a lot of good buys. Pun intended. :P If you're my size: XS, 0-2 in tops, small in cardigans, 0-2 in skirts, 2 in jackets, and 5.5-6 in shoes, you're in luck. Find most of my 1-3 times worn items here :

I'm a practical shopper and now it's time to scale back. I make it a rule, and it's a good rule to live with. If you buy one thing (even if it's from me), get rid of 3 things. Fill your closet and life with only important things you can't live without! :)

Here's to a colorful Sunday!

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