Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I Wore Today!

What exactly is the focal point of this outfit? Is it the wonderfully constructed J.Crew Piazza Jacket in Orange? Clementine is such a fresh look. Maybe I'm nostalgic, maybe just getting more conservative.

The Emma Dress in brown corduroy is lovely. It's a shift dress, loose, and really rich in color. It's like a chestnut brown. I love the flow and the detail in the neckline, along with the buttons on the sleeves.

The shoes, to die for. I love the print, the fact that they are of the mary jane style. Just cute. Just preppy and just fun.

Do you have certain pieces you just stick to?


  1. i love those shoes! love the Mary Jane style, and love love the heel. i'll bet you got lots of compliments in this outfit!

  2. Thank you Chic! Love the shoes- I actually have flats similar to this print from another store- but I love styling with these. If you're a size 6, I have them brand new- I could never rock the 3.5" heel it comes in...

  3. I adored these gorgeous shoes but once I wore them, I would rather have been hobbled=) I couldn't sell them fast enough!

  4. I almost fell over, let alone walk in them...they're so so pretty. Just someone with more grace in heels should own them!


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