Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I Wore Today!

Life has somewhat calmed I'm back to blogging!

So I've had a pajama party for the past 5 days (down and out with the flu)! I've finally nursed myself back to health and crawled back into work, realizing that no matter where I was, I was going be sick, so I mind as well get some stuff done!

This was a really cute outfit I threw together at the last minute. The J.Crew Dotsalotsa Cami was thrown into the mix with a J.Crew Jackie cashmere cardigan. One thing about the cami- it's really a cool piece that I'm glad I got. Light khaki pants (I think they're called stone) with my usual mix of accessories, paired with a very bold scarf. Totally cute and very retro!

You'll be seeing a lot more "back from the days" outfits. I'm not really into buying more stuff that doesn't pass the "am I going to love that 5 years from now?" test, so I have enough in my closet to work with.

Hope you've been in good health, for the most part, everyone who has gotten the flu shot has gotten what I had or given to me, but all in all, my body probably needed that break. :)

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