Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why yes, I'm on Polyvore!

This site is the best thing the internet has ever produced. Remember playing with paper dolls? This is hundred times better. My closet no longer has to throw up on my bed each morning in order for me to choose an outfit. The best part? I can proudly showcase to others that it is possible for me to leave the house in something my mom would be proud of! I heart polyvore.com...like ebay, this is my other addiction. Let's play dress up!

Come find me, polyvore:

Find me on Polyvore


  1. I love the set you create on Polyvore! It's like having my own personal stylist. I have the leopard sweater and have never worn it because I wasn't sure what it would go with. I will have to try that set when it gets cold out again.

  2. Oh oh...let me figure it out. Which leopard? The oceot one or the snow leopard cardi?

  3. Actually, it's the beaded leopard tee!

  4. http://www.polyvore.com/crew_leopard_sequin_tee/set?id=8337358

    Definitely goes with the honey glaze or gold cords. Tried and tested...mother approved.


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