Monday, May 18, 2009

What I Wore Today....

It's in the 80's I needed something professional yet airy to get me through the day. I love the Polynesian print Cardigan and the Joelle Cami in Navy from Spring 2008. Both have been my closet favorites since that line came out. I think it's all about wearing something silky shiny + something matte (like a cotton cardigan) to make an outfit complete. I think I look pretty awesome, because I feel pretty awesome in this outfit. I hope you have an equally awesome day too!

Here's the link to that polyvore, the blog-linking method doesn't seem to be jiving this morning:


  1. I love J. Crew. Love it! Great blog!

  2. Thanks Jen. I've been a bit swamped- but I should have more outfits to post soon!


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